Hi, I’m Kevin, and am lucky enough to have had the privilege of photographing weddings for over twelve years in beautiful Berkshire and around the South East of England. I’m often asked what inspired me to follow my passion for wedding photography.

Whilst there have been many influences along the road, if I had to identify one defining moment, it was many years ago when my brother, Mike, came across this beautiful candid photo of our Mum and Dad, taken a few years before we came into being. For me it is the complete capture of a perfect moment; two young people completely relaxed and in love and apparently unaware they were being photographed. Of course it helps having such a wonderfully photogenic couple, but it was the first time I recall seeing such feeling actually captured, and done so even without any eye contact between the camera and the subjects or between the subjects themselves.

That’s my inspiration more than anything else I can identify. It is moments like this one, captured so perfectly in this photo over fifty years ago, that I seek during each wedding day. The little glances or asides between the bride and groom, or sometimes between guests, that tell you far more than words ever can.

As for me. I live near Reading, Berkshire with my lovely wife, Julie. On the odd occasions I’m not photographing weddings I like to keep my shutter finger and all the other ones exercised either by playing my Rickenbacker bass guitar or bashing my Yamaha drums – probably a little too loudly in both cases. For quieter pursuits I enjoy nothing better than walking round our beautiful countryside and trying to photograph the local wildlife.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Below are a list of frequently asked questions, the answers to which will hopefully outline my approach. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if I’ve missed anything please go to my CONTACT page and I’ll be delighted to hear from you.


How would you describe the way you work?

After ten years in the wonderful wedding photography business and having shot hundreds of weddings I’ve developed what I like to think of as a pretty relaxed and flexible style and approach to work. That doesn’t mean you’d ever get less than my 100% concentration and dedication to capturing the atmosphere and memories of your wedding day. However, it does mean that I won’t be running around shouting at guests or trying to impose myself on your day (the emphasis being on YOUR day). As you’ve no doubt heard many times (because it’s true), no two weddings are the same. However, with any wedding the great majority of my day is spent recording the events as they naturally unfold, rather than trying to direct the proceedings. This goes for whatever length of coverage you choose. I am known for my unobtrusive style, as you can see from some of the photographs in my Wedding Galleries and from the kind words on my Feedback page. I see it as my job to record your day while remaining as unnoticed as possible. However, a little direction is usually needed to ensure the group photos run smoothly, and I have a great system to ensure that they do. Also, I’m  more than happy to give a little gentle direction, if required, during a short and relaxed portrait session of the two of you around your venue. Apart from those two parts of the day, I’ll watch the joy and fun unfold and make sure you have unforgettable images to bring it all back to you for evermore.

When do you start your coverage?

I am happy to start whenever you prefer, depending on the length of service you book. Since I have plenty of experience of wedding days that means I also have a pretty good idea of likely timings so thought it might be helpful to give a broad indication of the coverage time you might need to make sure you include all the parts of your wedding you’d like photographed.

  • If you’d just like your ceremony covered, with some formal and informal photos afterwards at your ceremony venue, this would be covered by my minimum time of three hours. This should also allow a little time for photos of meeting and greeting before the bride’s arrival.
  • Coverage from before the ceremony until the start of the wedding breakfast could typically need around four to five hours. This could probably also include your speeches if these are held before the start of your meal.
  • If you’d like coverage from just before the ceremony until after your first dance, this is likely to need around six to seven hours.
  • Finally, if you’d like the whole day, from bridal preparations until after your first dance, you should expect to need nine to ten hours of coverage. Of course, this is a very general guide only, but I hope it’s useful. I’m always happy to discuss your ideas and give a clearer indication.

Do you work alone?

Yes, I prefer to work alone as this helps to ensure that I am able to cover your wedding without the photography getting in the way of the natural running and flow of the day.

Will we meet before our wedding?

Yes. I am happy to meet you for an initial discussion and so that you can see some more of my work and the storybook albums I offer. I prefer to meet at my office/studio in Woodley, Berkshire, but will equally be happy to visit you at home if this is more convenient for you. I also always like to meet couples at their wedding venue around one month before the wedding, whether or not I have worked at the venue before. This is a great chance to chat through the day and discuss the day’s photography.

Will you use flash and distract from our ceremony?

The cameras I use feature Nikon’s latest low light technology and this ensures I am able to photograph in very low light without using flash. Also, I won’t wander around during your ceremony, but will capture discreetly the principal moments and emotions from the best vantage point. I have heard horror stories of photographers leaning over the vicar’s shoulder to photograph the exchange of rings. That is most definitely not me. One of the nicest compliments I have received was “I didn’t even notice you were there” from the priest after a ceremony in beautiful Doaui Abbey.

I was at a wedding recently and the photographer was wearing shorts and a t-shirt (with the company logo). Will you be smartly dressed?

Yes. I will always wear a suit to your wedding. To me this seems more professional and respectful, and it also means I’ll blend in better with guests which helps with getting informal photos. I probably won’t wear a tie as they can get tangled up in camera straps and I won’t be much use if I’m choking. Of course, having a suit also means more pockets which is great for backup batteries, memory cards etc.

 Will you shoot group photos?

I will, of course, be very happy to photograph a short series of group photos during the time between the end of your ceremony and the start of your wedding breakfast. I work from a list which you will have a chance to adapt before your wedding to reflect your preferences. This ensures the session runs smoothly so your guests won’t be hanging around waiting their turn.

Will you take photographs of just the two of us?

Yes, indeed. I usually take the bride and groom away for around 15 minutes or so for some relaxed and enjoyable photos of just the two of you. Each wedding is different and this part of your day can be longer or shorter depending on your preferences. But I will always ensure you get back to mingling and enjoying your guests well before time for your wedding breakfast. If you’d rather not include such as session and would prefer a solely documentary approach to your day, that’s absolutely fine. I’ll be very happy to spend the day photographing the day as it unfolds.

What area do you cover?

My usual stomping ground is Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire, but I am happy to go further afield. There may be a small additional charge for weddings more than 50 miles away.

What equipment do you use?

I use only professional Nikon cameras, lenses, and lighting. My cameras use Nikon’s latest low light technology, which means that I can cover most ceremonies without the need for any flash photography, and I will use ambient light as much as possible throughout your day. I always keep my gear up to date and fully serviced, so I have never had a technical problem and I always have plenty of backup equipment to be extra safe. For extra security my cameras all have two cards and all photos are saved to both as they are taken, providing instant backup. In addition I will use the time while you are enjoying your wedding breakfast to back up the photos taken up to that point on portable hard drives.

When will we see our photographs?

You will usually receive your USB Stick of high resolution (300 pixels per inch) printable images within two to three weeks of your wedding, or up to four weeks during the busy summer period. Your password protected online gallery will also be viewable at that time. You will have full lifetime (non-commercial) rights to reproduce the images on your USB Stick in print or digital form. For example, you can upload to social networking sites etc (though I’d be grateful for a name credit if you do).

How many photographs will we receive?

I don’t set a limit or target and the number of photographs will vary depending on such factors as length of coverage, number of guests and the weather. I inspect and process every photo taken on the day individually. As a guide I would expect my minimum coverage of three hours to lead to 200-250 fully finished photographs and my maximum coverage of ten hours to lead to around 400-450.

How does the storybook album process work?

If you have purchased one of my storybook albums, or decide after your wedding that you would like to do so, I ask you to select which photos you would like to include from your USB Stick. I will then design your storybook and send you a digital draft for you to review. You can make amendments to ensure your storybook is exactly as you would like before I send it for processing and assembly. You should expect to receive your storybook within around two weeks of your approval of the final design.

How do we book you?

If you’d like to know more or get in touch to meet please find phone and e-mail details on my Contact page. Once you’ve decided that you’d like to book me I’ll be very happy to book and secure your date on receipt of a completed booking form (I will send once you decide) and £200 deposit (£100 for my minimum three hours of coverage).  I prefer payments to be made by bank transfer. Your balance will be due one month before your wedding. On booking you will then receive a signed contract setting out our terms.

What happens if timings overrun?

Don’t worry! Wedding timings are usually no more than a guide to the actual day itself. After all, who wants to worry about the clock when you’re having the day of your life? If we’re getting close to the end of the coverage time you’ve booked, I’ll ask if you’d like to continue. For example, if you mentioned, when booking, that you’d like your speeches covered and these are running a little late on the day, that’s fine. I will be delighted to extend coverage to ensure I cover everything you’d like. If things do overrun a little, there will be a small additional charge of £75 per half hour or part thereof. But any additional balance due as a result of this can be paid after your wedding so you don’t have to worry about it on your wedding day.

Do you have indemnity insurance?

Yes, I have full professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

What happens if you are ill?

I have never missed or been late for any booking for any reason, such as illness. If I were to fall ill I am able to call on a number of local photographers (including one who photographed my own wedding) to step in.