St Anthony’s Church and The Crown Inn Wedding Photography – Kate and Enda

Kate and Enda’s wedding at St Anthony’s Church and the Crown Inn, Farnham was wonderfully informal. They had wanted the day to be a great gathering of family and friends, many from Ireland, and a large party. That’s exactly how it turned out to be. After a ceremony with much humour, courtesy of Father Richard at St Anthony’s Church, Kate and Enda stayed for a few minutes for some relaxed photos in the church gardens while the guests headed off for the reception at the Crown, Farnham. We joined them shortly afterwards and the celebrations began in earnest. The speeches were hilarious (it’s very difficult to take photographs when you’re shaking with laughter) but also moving. Enda’s six sisters wanted to try to lift him during the group photos and managed it. Finally, after a frantic first dance when everyone joined in on a tiny dancefloor, I said goodbye and headed off. I get the impression that the party was just beginning.

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